AMD – Associazione Mani d’Oro (Association Golden Hands) was founded in 2015 in Acerra – Naples.

AMD is a non-profit organization and created to promote around the world the Classical Neapolitan Pizza, defending the characteristics of the product from its origin to the present. The association also deals with research and selection of products to be used as ingredients of pizza and promote the same products to all affiliated pizzerias, as well improve the knowledge of pizza makers who join the Association. The AMD trademark is given to the pizzerias that follow the specification, remembering at all times the principle on which it is based the association.
Golden Hands Association comes from the experience of the President, Mr. Attilio Albachiara, a pizza maker who has completed his training in a Neapolitan family. They owned a restaurant for three generations, from his grandfather Attilio and his father Andrea, now owner of “DA ATTILIO” pizzeria which is located at Vittorio Emanuele, Acerra.
The main idea of ​​AMD is to value and ensure to hand down hard the ‘art of classic Neapolitan pizza.
Given the spread of pre-packaged food, fast-food chains and daily creativeness of that profession, as well as the improper use of the many products that are now combined with the pizza, the Associazione Mani d’Oro (so-called  Golden Hands Association) wants to be a spokesman for the tradition.
The ingredients are from buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes of San Marzano, The preparation of the dough, the cooking, the maximum diameter and the height of the cornice. It will be the only précised criteria specification for the “classic pizza”.
The Association provides training courses for pizza master established by technical committee to examine the organoleptic and visual characteristics of the products as well as to study the conformity of the new rules associated with the product specification, through external control organs.