Catù Group

Ca.Tu Group is the company of work clothes that offers the widest range of uniforms in Europe ready for delivery. It covers every category of work, from the hotel, to catering, food, health, aesthetics, services. In addition to the uniforms you can find a wide range of stain-resistant tablecloths that can also be made to measure.
The experience gained after years of market studies and attentions aimed at satisfying customer needs has meant that today the Ca.Tu Group brand and the Ca.Tu system have established themselves on the market thanks to the vast range of products, all introduction of innovative models that have partly changed the way of conceiving the uniform, the high quality of the garments, the truly competitive prices, and a constant stock.
You can make embroidery customizations on any garment and the tablecloths can also be made to measure.
All garments have an excellent fit: the comfortable and linear models make sure that all items can be worn by any person.


Catu’ Group
Via 31 maggio n 21 –  80027 Frattamaggiore (Na)
Tel: 08119971598
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