Giovanni Landi

A life dedicated to pizza. Giovanni Landi from Pompeii, now 43 years old, began to get his hands on pasta when he was a teenager. So much so that he does not know how many pizzas has fired. Since 17 years, Landi has been the pizza maker of the Vanin pizza restaurant (Venice), an institution with around 700 seats. Giovanni Landi has understood that aesthetics is an important marketing lever. Not just that though.
Specialized in the ‘pizzarte’ discipline that consists in creating pizzas-portrait. It is in fact an artisan process that consists of pencil drawing on the baking paper the image I want to reproduce. “I then apply it to pizza, cooked but cooled, and I work with the scalpel to engrave the portrait. ” – he said.
In March he received the Jury of Taste Award in the Pizza Talent Show (Pabogel, Rome) with the Miseria and Nobility pizza (one half with tomato, oregano and garlic, the other based on fiordilatte, Pachino tomatoes, Brie, aragostella pulp on pumpkin velvety). In May at Cibus one of his creations won the Oscar in the contest of La Grande Bellezza. If you continue this step we will see some good ones.