Istituti Voltaire

The Voltaire Institutes – PARTHENOFORM Srl Social Enterprise – is a professional training institution accredited and recognized by the Campania Region for the development of regional courses aimed at issuing qualification certificates valid in Europe pursuant to art. 14 of the law 845/78.

The courses organized for the regional qualification are:

  • Confectioner
  •  Panificatore
  • Waiter on floors 2105/01
  • Kitchen commis 2104/01
  • Commis of the bar room 2103/01
  • Restaurant room commis 2103/02
  • Sommelier 2103/03

PARTHENOFORM Srl Social enterprise, also organizes short-time amateur courses for: Cake Design, Dessert dish, Middle Eastern ethnic cuisine, Traditional desserts, Cocktails, Wine tasting, Rosticceria, Pizza.

Via Dante Alighieri, 107 – 80144 Napoli
tel. 081 43.19.68
info@istitutivoltaire.it      www.istitutivoltaire.it