La Fiammante

Tradition, quality, trust and foresight. Are some of the key words of the historical companyLa Fiammante”, a production of canned food that has gone on for over 50 years, aiming at constantly improving production, without neglecting its own history and the relationship of trust with the consumer. The Company is in Campania, capital of the Italian region of the Mediterranean Diet and tomato. ICAB, Industrie Conserve Alimentari Buccino, produces and distributes three historic brands: La Fiammante, La Paesana (or F.lli Paudice) and La reale, representing the canning history of Made in Italy. La Fiammante is the flagship brand of a supply chain based on a careful selection of raw materials, on the constant modernization of the entire production cycle and high quality preserves, able to meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly aware and demanding.

Via Area Industriale, Buccino, SA 84021
tel. +39 0828 957067
info@lafiammante.it   www.lafiammante.it