Le 5 Stagioni

The 5 STAGIONI products offer industry specialists solutions for all types of processing, obtaining appreciated results all over the world: from flour suitable for processing with very long leavenings to those for direct doughs, from semi-finished products with cereals other than wheat to flour without gluten, from brewer’s yeast to the famous Naturkraft Mother Yeast.
The proposals never cease to amaze those who approach this brand: the thin round pizza, the pizza cut, the most soft and fragrant doughs, the most imaginative pizzas according to the inspiration of the pizza maker will sanctify the secret of a guaranteed success thanks to use of these products.
The company is constantly striving to achieve the best with the help and commitment of the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT department: new technologies and the most sophisticated studies have managed to obtain in a professional way the fragrances, flavors and aromas of tradition .
The 5 STAGIONI is a brand of Agugiaro & Figna Molini SpA, a successful company in Italy and abroad, coming from a long tradition of two families that for generations have been associated with the art of milling.
Today Agugiaro & Figna Molini Spa is the undisputed market leader for quality flours with a capillary distribution both to the most successful industries and to pizzeria, pastry and bakery professionals.

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