M.OR.ALBERG s.r.l.

Since 1982 the M.OR.ALBERG deals with the distribution of professional equipment and machinery for hotels, restaurants, bars, pastry shops, canteens and hospitals. Thanks to its presence in one of the largest wholesale centers in Europe, the CIS of Nola, and to a large and organized warehouse goods M.OR.ALBERG is able to offer both distributors and the end user a wide selection of products of the most prestigious brands. From 25 years specialized in the supply of equipment for medium and large kitchens (kitchens, ovens, fryers, pasta cookers, dishwashers, steel tables and sinks, hoods, fry tops, neutral cabinets, refrigerator cabinets, refrigerated / heated tables, meat mincers, graters, gear motors, slicers, vegetable washing machines, potato peelers, washing machines, kneaders, waste disposers and more …) and a wide display of table accessories (porcelain, glassware, stainless steel cutlery, trays, oven dishes, baskets, menage, stainless steel and wood carts) or, various pots …).

CIS di Nola, isola 7 n.716  –  80035 Nola (NA)
P.Iva: 01309071213  –  C.F.: 03940380631
Tel: 081.5108613  –  Fax: 081.5108237
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