AMD – Associazione Mani d’Oro (Golden Hands Association) born from the chairman of the association’s president, World Champion Pizza STG 2015, Mr. Attilio Albachiara.

i maestri della pizzaThe Master, Attilio Albachiara, restaurant for three generations founded the associaziaone AMD Masters of pizza with the idea of handing down and respect the art of classic Neapolitan pizza
The Association provides training courses for pizza masters, the establishment of a technical committee enabled to examine the organoleptic and visual characteristics of the products as well as to examine the conformity of the new rules associated with the product specification, through external control organs.
The Executive Council is the Masters of Albo Pizza composed of those who can demonstrate certain acts with the progress of Pizzaiolo at least ten years and with known quality in the preparation of pizza and particular attitude to the new training capacity levers pizza makers.
As part of this Register of Pizza Masters honors will be conferred to those who with their activities have contributed in particular to the diffusion and to the affirmation of the culture linked to the history of the Neapolitan pizza.
Albachiara Attilio  to Pulcinella Trophy First Edition

I maestri della pizza