Pulcinella Trophy is a competition for pizzamakers organized by AMD represented by its President Attilio Albachiara and vice Nino Pannella, World Champion Pizza STG 2015 and Champion Pizza1One 2015 respectively.

Pulcinella Trophy takes place in Acerra, the city is traditionally known as the home of Pulcinella and has strong connection between this mask and pizza. Neapolitan pizza is very famous in the the world and there are many literary and musical testimonies preserved in the Museum of Pulcinella at the Baronial Castle of Acerra in which the mask and the pizza go hand in hand.
This idea Attilio Albachiara, pizza Acerra, organized and created a league for pizza makers.
Pulcinella Trophy is organized by AMD, Association Mani D’oro – The Masters of Pizza, under the patronage of the Municipality of Acerra which provides public spaces intended for the pursuit of the championship.
Great Food and Wine of the world names are part of the jury to ensure the excellence and originality of the event.

Hundreds of pizza makers in the race.

Trophies and sculptures signed by Campani Masters.

Gratuite pizzas for Visitors

Tens of Companies Sponsors

Awards and Cultural Awards

Musical and theatrical performances

Children’s entertainment areasi

Educational workshops

Summary of Regulations

Pulcinella Trophy is held in the town of Acerra, where it is the only museum dedicated to the famous Neapolitan mask that is why AMD intends to program the combination of pizza and Pulcinella in this place.
Each league can register pizza makers from around the world provided they have reached 16 years of age.
Pulcinella Trophy is composed of two groups of races in which each competitor must be registered in:

1st group of races:
Realization of a customized pizza

2nd group of races:
Realization of true Neapolitan pizza
(Margherita or Marinara)

The competitors will carry their pizzas using products chosen and taken by themselves. The candidate is allowed to repeat the pizza cooking only once if he made a mistake during the competition. The cakes will be produced by individual competitors at the pizzerias of their own reference. The contestant does not have a loaf, it will be provided a sampling from the organization, but at the same time will be a small penalty on the score
Prize giving

From 1st place to 5th place for the custom pizza
Cups custom pizza Trophy Pulcinella

From 1st place to 5th place for the true Neapolitan pizza
True Neapolitan pizza cups Trophy Pulcinella

Only the winners of the two races, customized pizza and true Neapolitan pizza, will compete for the Pulcinella Trophy  through the final.
Look in detail the First Edition of Pulcinella Trhophy.
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